Blood orange and fennel



This Blood Orange and Fennel salad is incredibly quick and easy to make, and can be enjoyed as a vegan appetizer, side dish, or a light meal!

SALAD Ingredients

– Fennel – Radishes – Orange – Blood Orange  – Kalamata Olives  – Walnuts

Dressing Ingredients

– Ginger – White Wine Vinegar – Olive Oil – Salt   – Pepper

This citrus salad is delicious, flavorful and colorful - perfect for parties or special occasions!

prep time


15 minutes

4 Servings

Add the olive oil, white wine vinegar, grated ginger, and salt & pepper to a bowl and whisk together.

The Dressing

Thinly slice your radishes, peel the oranges and cut them into wedges, and finely slice the fennel bulbs.

Prepare the Salad

step 1

Add your fennel, radishes, and olives to a bowl. Then add the salad dressing, oranges and walnuts and give a gentle stir.

assemble the Salad

STep 2

Get a healthy boost of plant-based protein in this vegan salad by including roasted chickpeas!

Tasty Variations